WATCH: Taxi takes on Formula 1 car on Cape Town streets


An ambitious taxi driver apparently took on former Formula 1 driver David Coulthard, who was driving a Red Bull Aston Martin RB7F1 car at the weekend during the Red Bull Grand parade in Cape Town.

Footage of the taxi driver fiercely taking a curve with the roaring F1 RB7F1 on its tail is an eyebrow-raising feat. The duo then disappointingly end the race by taking separate routes. Although the taxi had no chance against the Aston Martin, we wonder what yellow lane tactics the taxi would have had to take in order to give the F1 car a run for its money.

On Sunday, huge crowds gathered at the Grand Parade to view the 700KW Aston Martin’s powerful tyre-smoking car prowl Cape Town streets.

Other entertainment at the parade included motorcycle stunts by Brian Capper, Arunas Gibieza, Patrick Davidson, and the Cape Town Drift Squad.

DJ Ready D and Ryan O’Connor of KFM were pumping the entertainment while the 13-time Formula 1 race-winner Coulthard spoke kindly of Cape Town during interviews.

Gopolang Chawane / The Citizen