WATCH: South African firefighters touch the hearts of Canadians through song


Wearing bright yellow tops and the standard protective trousers worn by the men and women who quell fires, the Working on Fires (WoF) firefighters can be seen and heard singing and dancing, holding flags in what seems like an empty parking lot. They are in Canada to assist during the country’s wildfire season.

According to the WoF’s website the 215 firefighters arrived in Canada last weekend, and are expected to stay for a month to help fight fires during Canada’s wildfire season.

WoF is an Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP) aimed at providing work opportunities to young men and women. The programme resides under, and is funded by, the Department of Environmental Affairs.


Appreciated by locals
The video of the fire fighters was shot on Monday morning by a local, Allyssa Boulianne in Leduc, south of Edmonton at a hotel where the civil servants were staying. Edmonton is the capital city of the Canadian province of Alberta.

Speaking to local media, the Daily Hive, Boulianne said had seen a video of the firefighters dancing at the Edmonton International Airport the day prior, and then they put on a performance for the staff at the hotel as well.

“It was pretty cool, the culture is so different it was a really cool experience,” said Boulianne. “It’s humbling, just to see everyone come together, for them to come and help out another country that was amazing.”

Though the video was originally shared on her Facebook, she has also posted it on her TikTok which has attracted at least 80 000 likes. The video has been shared many times and even picked up by news channel Al Jazeera.