Watch: Kenny Kunene flung from spinning car

Kenny Kunene. Image: Twitter

Controversial businessman turned politician Kenny Kunene is said to be “at home doing fine” after he fell out of the window of a moving vehicle during a spinning event at the weekend.

The news was confirmed by Kunene’s friend and Patriotic Alliance (PA) co-founder Gayton McKenzie.

In the footage, which was screen recorded from a Facebook live stream, Kunene can be seen in the passenger’s seat of the spinning vehicle with Faaitjie Kunene behind the wheel. The car then does a few rounds before Kunene emerges from the window to hang out of it the way stunt drivers often do at such events.

He seems to lose his grip on the car and subsequently falls out of the car while it is in the middle of a revolution. He is then hit by the back of the car before the video stops abruptly.

He’s ok – McKenzie

“Kenny was involved in a car accident yesterday at the spinning event organised by some young people in the PA, he flew out of the window and nearly got seriously injured, he is at home doing fine, Kenny forgot momentarily that he is no longer young and can’t do this stunts that young people are doing,” said McKenzie in a Facebook post to the official PA Facebook page.

“We wanna thank all that assisted immediately after the accident, I sternly spoke to him and he assured me that will be like me at this events, he will be a spectator only,” added McKenzie.

He concluded by joking that the PA strongly feels that spinning should be turned into a sporting event and thanked their supporters from their prayers.

Although he advertised the event on his Instagram page, calling it “safe n secure” spinning, Kunene has yet to issue his own statement about his accident.

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