Watch: EMS and SAEPU march to Premier’s office

Photos: Pierce van Heerden

Ambulance Services EMS, together with South African Emergency Personnel’s Union (SAEPU), are marching to the Premier’s office this morning to hand over a memorandum. This comes after disgruntled members of the Ambulance Service say they have been treated unfairly and have a number of complaints that are not being dealt with.

According to SAEPU President, Mpho Mpogeng, the legalised march comes after they had failed to engage with the MEC. “We came here today to hand over a memorandum to the Premier’s office after realising that the problems of the workers in the province are not properly addressed. We feel it is imperative for us to escalate the matter to the Premier because we tried our level best to engage with the MEC, but we failed. We feel it will now get the attention it deserves.”

According to Mpogeng, the EMS faces problems such as issues with tax, maladministration of finance/funds in the province and attacks. “We feel that it will be proper to deal with the issues of maladministration because the state funds are misused and people are no longer doing their jobs as they have been appointed to,” Mpogeng said.

The spokesperson of the Department of Health, Mondli Mvambi, is yet to respond to Bloemfontein Courant’s enquiries


Pierce van Heerden