WATCH: Bfn biker gets run over by reckless, negligent driver

There is a video doing the rounds on social media showing a man on a bike being run over by a large white bakkie while waiting for traffic lights at an intersection in Zastron Street, Bloemfontein.

According to police spokesperson in the Free State, Wendy Nkabi, this incident, which was captured on CCTV footage, is said to have happened in Westdene, Bloemfontein, on Sunday at around 01:05 and while the victim is said to be recovering at Pelonomi Hospital in the city, the suspect remains at large. OFM News’ Pulane Choane reports that the bike driver sustained multiple injuries but is reportedly slowly recovering.

Police spokesperson, Wendy Nkabi, told OFM News that two cases of reckless and negligent driving have been opened against the suspect, who is seen driving at a high speed and eventually then running over the victim in the video. Nkabi did not state whether or not any arrests were made. Meanwhile, she revealed that the victim survived the ordeal and sustained head, chest and leg injuries.

Questions have been sent to Free State Health spokesperson, Mondli Mvambi, on the incident and further details on the victim. OFM News has also tried to reach the brother through Facebook, however, at the time this article was published, no comment had been received yet from the injured man’s sibling.

Warning Graphic Content:

The footage, which has over the past two days been shared on multiple social media platforms, including Facebook and Twitter, has garnered responses with many wondering whether the driver, who is seen skipping a red light, was driving too fast to see the biker at the traffic lights or whether it was a deliberate hit.

Pulane Choane / OFM News