Waste pickers’ opportunity to make money



A hundred street waste pickers from Bloemfontein, who have been jobless for many years, will now have an opportunity to make money thanks to the Mangaung Metro Municipality. The executive Mayor, Thabo Manyoni, launched a project on waste collection and recycling in Bloemfontein last week, which will see the city being tidied up and at least a hundred new jobs created.

The municipality identified 100 street waste pickers from different wards in Mangaung who will be trained to assist with the mayoral cleaning campaign. Municipal spokesperson, Qondile Khedama, says the project is two-fold. “We’re looking at cleaning the environment, but at the same time, we’re creating jobs. And this is just the first phase of the project. We want to see how it goes, and expand the project later in order to empower more people to get jobs for themselves.”

The waste pickers are to collect recyclable materials in all corners of the city, and sell them to various recycling depots. They will also receive training, especially on hygiene related issues that are associated with waste collection. “Remember, some of the objects that they will handle, are not hygienic. They’ll need to wear gloves and take care of themselves in the process,” said Khedama.