Was it a tornado spiralling through the city?


Bloemfontein Courant received numerous calls and photographs from concerned, curious residents within the city reporting that they have witnessed a tornado.

Residents who saw the damage of trees and some infrastructure in parts of the city on Tuesday afternoon (30/05) speculated that it was the result of what’s alleged to be a tornado. The city’s forecaster, Michael Nethavhani from the South African Weather Services (SAWS), said that although the rain has come to an end, according to predictions, the damage that has been reported by eyewitnesses needs to be assessed before it can be confirmed.

He confirmed that they have been alerted about the severe weather conditions in Mangaung and the central part of the Free State. According to him, strong winds were the cause.

“Some people in the media are saying it was a tornado, but we don’t have concrete evidence of a tornado. It looks like it was strong winds that came in with the passage of heavy downpours of rain but for now, all we know is as much as the pictures that we have received,” he said.

As the sky clears out, Nethavhani told Courant that there will be some fog in the region but, “we’re not expecting any rain.” Visit www.bloemfonteincourant.co.za to see some of the damage.


Gypseenia Lion