Warning: You will be charged for reporting a false case


 Mangaung residents are being warned to refrain from opening false cases.

This after false cases have been recently opened at various stations in Mangaung Cluster. Police spokesperson Ikobeng Hlubi revealed that there have been incidents where complaints declared to have been victims of crimes, only to discover during investigation that the reports made were false.

Hlubi stressed that reporting false cases amounts to a criminal offence.

“It is important to note that if a person opens a case and investigation reveals otherwise, that particular person will be charged with perjury, which is making a false statements under oath that can have detrimental effects. Investigating a case takes time and state resources have to be used hence a person will be charged if it`s found to be a false claim.”

“Thus the police would like to appeal to community members to stop using the state resources especially police functions to settle their personal issues or cover their neglect actions. As the trend is affecting service delivery negatively in the sense that resources are used for people who are not in need of the service instead of helping people who are in dire need of policing services,” said Hlubi.


Statement Issued by the Mangaung SAPS Communications, Marketing and Liaison