Walking on water


There is a good reason why God is God and we are not. He sees the bigger picture of our lives. Sometimes we might wonder if we are really walking in our life’s purpose. We then start looking for signs, asking people’s opinions or reaching for the Bible to show us what it is that God wants.

In Matt 14:28-30 we read about Peter who asks The Lord to let him walk on water. When the strong wind came Peter lost his focus. Sinking he cried out for the Lord to save him. As Jesus helps him He says “O you of little faith, why do you doubt?” How often do we do the same? We beg God to show us what it is He wants us to do. When the opportunity presents itself, we allow doubt to step in and steal God’s purpose for us. How then do we keep our faith every step of the way?

By keeping our eyes focussed on Jesus who would never ask us to step up and do something if He Himself was not going to be with us every step of the way. Never lose the faith!
Be blessed

Brenda Myburgh