Volunteers: The heroes behind every charity

Volunteers at Engo Omgie Day. Photo: Supplied

The saying “just one small action has the power to change many lives and make a real difference” is a notion that various organisations felt as Bloemfontein Courant spoke to two NGOs about the impact volunteers have on their work.

“Volunteers make a huge difference in our daily operations, they help us to give the needed support to children and parents,” said Sonet van Zyl, regional manager of CHOC. CHOC Bloemfontein has many volunteers that assist in many areas, like ward and house volunteers who assist with activities for the children in the ward.

“These volunteers undergo training so that they understand the need of the families that they deal with. We also have event volunteers that come and support us during events,” said Van Zyl.

Some of the volunteers that dedicate their time to work with the children in the ward. PHOTO: Supplied

“One of our volunteers said the experience she got from volunteering at CHOC, helped her in her new career. Someone who volunteered at CHOC as a student in 2009 was inspired by the children and 14 years later, she is still involved with CHOC. She now encourages people to support CHOC,” said Van Zyl.

For Engo, volunteers are an extension of their ability to deliver a service and to care for people in need, without the expense of paying for additional capacity.

“People give their time and hearts to assist Engo to make a difference in the lives of people and to create eternal hope,” said De Wet Claassens the Chief Executive Director of Engo Free State.

Furthermore, Claassens said they rely heavily on the involvement of volunteers to support their programmes, either in the form of money, time, or expertise. “We often use volunteers to assist with our fundraising projects, so we really use volunteers as the backbone of our service to communities,” said Claassens.

Claassens explained there are various ways to get involved with volunteering, either by donating money or goods, or giving of their time and expertise.

To assist CHOC, contact 051 522 6671 or send an email to freestate@ Choc.org.za or get in touch with Engo at info@engo.co.za

Bonolo Moloi