Varsity Cup welcomes CUT


Mark Steenbok

The Central University of Technology is geared up to participate in the FNB Varsity Cup for the first time, having qualified for the competition last year.

The CUT Ixias will launch their bid with a Varsity Cup launch (Campus Shutdown) tomorrow at the Central University of Technology in front of the Boet Troskie Hall.

The event will start at 10:00 with various exciting activities taking place on the day.

The respective coaches and the players will embrace the public with their presence, while attendees can also expect the entries to the Miss. Varsity Cup competition and the team’s cheerleaders to be present.

Head coach of the Cut Ixias team Skillie Bester emphasised that they will use the launch as a platform to build ‘gees’ (spirit) amongst students and rugby supporters.

The team will take comfort knowing they have secured their spot in the 8th edition of the Varsity Cup for the next two years
after winning the Varsity Shield in 2014 after beating the UKZN Impi’s.

This will be the first time that a city boosts two Varsity Cup teams, with the UFS’ Shimlas also taking part in the Varsity Cup.

The Varsity Cup will start on 9 February with newbies CUT Ixias tackling the University of Johannesburg at the Cut Rugby  stadium, while the UFS-Shimlas will face two time champions Tuks at Shimla Park, (games will start at 18:30).