Valid ID necessary for voting


SABRINA DEAN – South African’s intending to cast their votes tomorrow must be in possession of a green barcoded ID book, a temporary ID certificate or one of the new Smart ID cards.
Free State electoral head Chris Mepha told Bloemfontein Courant other identity documents such as passports or driver’s licences will not be valid. He says there are only three legal documents that will be accepted at the voting station where you are registered:
"You have to bring your green barcoded ID, which has a slip that shows that you did register to vote at that specific station. If someone has lost or misplaced their ID they need to bring a temporary ID certificate which has got the same number as the ID," he says.
He says the only other valid form of identification is the Smart card ID.
Voting stations across the country will be open from 7am tomorrow morning until 9pm. First results are expected to start arriving from midnight tomorrow.