Vaal River residents receive flood warnings


SABRINA DEAN – Residents living along the Vaal River have been warned of possible flooding as persistent raInfall continues in the northern and eastern parts of the country.
Water Affairs acting Director General Trevor Balzer says they are monitoring the situation and are in constant communication with relevant disaster management centres.
"At this stage things are under control. I have been in contact with the Sedibeng Disaster Management this morning and they confirm that we have the situation under control.
"They have, however, issued warnings to residents who live along the Vaal River and given an indication to those who have boathouses along the river to remove their boats," he says.
Balzer says they are presently able to manage the outflow by the number of gates they open to minimize damage between the Vaal Dam and the Bloemhof Dam.
He says at the moment, dams located along the Orange River system are not posing any flood related events.
He has also urged caution when using roads next to rivers or over low level bridges.