URF to unite everyone under one banner

Mofihli Likotsi

The United Residents Front (URF) party that was established in June 2010 will be joining the local elections. The party is led by Mofihli Likotsi, former secretary of the Pan-Africanist Congress (PAC).

Likotsi said the party’s name was decided on because they want to unite everyone under one banner. “The URF came into existence after it was noticed that the residents of South Africa were divided about the affiliation of political parties, social movements, etc. Thus the name “United”; the people of South Africa will stand together under the URF.” The party’s slogan, “YA FOFA NONYANA” (The eagle is flying), speaks for the eagle in it’s logo.

The URF wants to see a united community; prosperous, peaceful, patriotic and African in everything,” Kamo Fobane, youth leader and head administrator at URF, added.

Likotsi said their first challenge was the lack of resources to enable them to run the ‘’machinery of the movement smoothly’’.

The other challenge the party has been experiencing is media bias towards political parties that are not presented in parliament. “Some of the challenges we have are the legislation and rules that govern political parties. For example, political parties at all levels in parliament are provided with allowances to run their parties.”

The leader described the party as one striving for clean governance. He also stated that they advocate for effective and efficient service delivery.

Corruption is regarded as treason and man-slaughter by the URF. “The UFR will show zero tolerance towards inefficiency and rampant corruption at all levels of government. The URF will employ competent and qualified administrators. The URF will work towards Africanizing our way of doing things and do away with all Eurocentric maladministration practices.”

Fobane vouched for Likotsi’s leadership, “Ntate Likotsi has always been a pillar of strength to the URF. His political view and background of activism have made the URF what it is today – a brand of the millennium.”

Likotsi concluded by saying, “The URF has long called for equitable distribution of land, wealth and free and compulsory education from early childhood to at least a junior degree; a basic income grant for all unemployed people; the development of youth and women as full and complete human beings; an Africanist socialist democracy in South Africa with a classless society.”

Corn Koteli