Update: Man struck and killed by train in Heidedal

Photo: Pierce van Heerden

A case of culpable homicide has been opened after an unknown male was struck by a goods train in Heidedal earlier this morning.

According to police spokesperson, Ikobeng Hlubi, an unknown male was laying vertical on the railway line at Bloemfontein More Poort Railway in Mckenzie Road. “The driver hooted but the person did not react nor move out of the way,” said Hlubi.

When Bloemfontein Courant arrived at the scene body parts of the unknown individual could be seen scattered around the railway and under one of the wagons. According to Captain Ngakatau from the Heidedal Police station the case is being investigated and thus it cannot be confirmed if the incident was a suicide or not. He added that the deceased is still unknown.

Pierce van Heerden