Unlock your future by furthering your studies at CHSR&D


Looking to further your studies?

Well, look no further. The department: Centre for Health Systems Research & Development (CHSR&D) at the University of the Free State has what you are looking for. This department gives students an opportunity to, where feasible, base their Master’s on the Centre’s ongoing research projects.

The CHSR&D generates and disseminates scientific knowledge on health and health systems and uses this knowledge to promote the strengthening of health systems.

The department offers a Master’s degree in Health Systems Studies (MHSysStud). This specialist degree integrates theory with in-depth knowledge of health systems and educates students to be able to identify a health/health systems issue and address it via research. Students will have the opportunity to study side by side with experienced health systems researchers on a ‘real-life’ research project, which is a very valuable form of mentorship and should impact positively on a student’s dissertations/articles, as well as his or her practical research skills and experience.

The admission requirements are as follows and apply in addition to general rules in the Humanities Rule Book:

  • Students must have an Honours or a 4-year qualification in any cognate discipline;
  • This must have been achieved with a pass mark of at least 65%;
  • Admissions to this course will be subject to a preliminary assessment by the CHSR&D Director.

Applicants will also be subjected to a selection process based on the following:

  • 1500–word concept note outlining a research idea;
  • Panel interview;
  • Tests of language proficiency; and
  • Research methodology knowledge as demonstrated in an undergraduate or honours research report.

Prospective students must apply before 31 October (South African students) of the year preceding registration. For more information, Belinda Jacobs may be contacted on 051-401- 2181 at the UFS, an email can be sent to bjacobs@ufs.ac.za or visit: https://www.ufs.ac.za/humanities/departments-and-divisions/centre-for-health-systems-research-development-home/postgraduate-qualification/master-of-health-system-studies

Sazly Hartzenberg