Universitas open day expands medical knowledge

Universitas Academic Hospital in Bloemfontein.

The Universitas Hospital in Bloemfontein in the Free State is hosting its very first annual open day today.

OFM News reports that the purpose of the open day is to showcase the different services rendered at the hospital.

Dr Rita Nathan, Head of Clinical Services at Universitas Hospital says this is mainly open to Grade 12 learners who want to expand their knowledge about the medical field.

She adds that being a central academic hospital situated in the heart of the Free State, they receive patients from all over South Africa, mainly the Free State and Northern Cape.

“We catered for the students today, where we are offering career and guidance counselling, on how to become a professional in the medical field,” she said.

She further added that most schools are not equipped with information about the medical field and often think that being a surgeon or general doctor is everything the medical field offers.

“We’re showcasing medical careers from surgeons, social workers to the nurses who draw blood and who do basic services like eye testing,” she said.

Universitas Academic Hospital hopes to host this event annually to inform and educate students and the general public.

OFM News/Heidrè Malgas