Unfinished hawkers’ stalls a dumping site

This man said he use the unfinished hawkers stalls to urinate every day because he cannot afford to pay for the public toilets. Photo: Matseko Ramotekoa

While hawkers in Botshabelo are eagerly awaiting the completion of their brand new stalls at the Reahola Complex, it has become a dumping site for unwanted garbage.

To add insult to injury, the smell coming from the garbage chases away business from the hawkers, especially those who sell food in the street.

Mathabo Modupe (56) from Section F in Botshabelo, has been running her chesa nyama business not far from the unfinished structures and says every time she tries to reprimand those who dump waste and use the stalls to relieve themselves, they just tell her to mind her own business. When she first started her business, she used to sell more than 200 plates of food every day.

“Now, due to the stench, people just hold their noses and don’t even look into the direction of my stall and those of my colleagues.”

Garbage can be seen piling up inside most of the unfinished hawkers’ stalls at the Reahola Complex. PHOTO: MATSEKO RAMOTEKOA

Modupe blames the municipality for delaying the completion of the stalls. She says before the construction of the hawkers’ stalls, there were no such problems.

“Before the municipality had come up with a plan to build those rooms, which are useless anyway and prevent most of the hawkers from making money, we never encountered any serious problems like the ones we have to deal with every day. Now I have to borrow money to pay for transport for my daughter, who is doing her third year at university,” says Modupe.

Mangaung Metro spokesperson, Qondile Khedama, says the council is aware of the problem. Khedama says the Metro will provide 24- hour security until the construction is completed. – Matseko Ramotekoa