Unemployment hatches ‘eggceptional’ business idea

Bonolo Mmutsi Banda with a tray of her free-range eggs. PHOTO: Supplied

After numerous attempts at finding a job, Bonolo Mmutsi Banda decided to hatch a plan of her own by creating an employment opportunity for herself as the Founder and Director of LeePoultry, a business that retails fresh eggs to the community.

Being brought up in a single parent household, Banda explained that she had to see her mother working hard to make ends meet and that is when she decided that the cycle would end with her. “I had a hard upbringing with my mother, and I’ve seen how difficult it is to find a job so I knew starting my own business will allow me the opportunity to be self-employed and be able to create jobs for others,” said Banda.

Banda explained that her chickens have a safe and warm place to lay their eggs. PHOTO: Supplied

Not only wanting to make ends meet for herself and others, Banda also emphasised that the motivation behind starting this business was to make a mark in her community. “I wanted to create something from the ground up and be the first young female to make a mark in my community, that ‘you can make it black child’. And I realised that I may not have any formal training, but I taught myself a lot through reading and I grew up helping my grandmother feed hens back when I was still a child,” said Banda.

Making strides in what could be deemed as a male dominated industry, Banda intends to hire more women as she grows her business, to go against the narrative that farming as a whole is classified as a male dominated industry.“I think that whole narrative should stop because women do have the skills and capabilities just as men do and with this business. I want to prove that what men can do in this industry, women very well can do too,” said Banda.

A tray of eggs produced by LeePoultry. PHOTO: Supplied

Banda explained that what she enjoys most about the work she does is communicating with her chickens, feeding them, interacting with different individuals, learning something new every day, and most importantly, helping her customers by providing them with quality eggs. Her advice to young entrepreneurs is to fully do research in whatever industry you decide to go into and give it your full attention.

“It is important because we as young people tend to start businesses without our full commitment and as a result, we fail almost all the time. So research, commitment, and discipline are the way to go,” said Banda. To place an order and for more information, contact Banda at bonolommutsi@gmail.com.

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