Uncertain times for identity theft victim

André Jacobs, who was arrested this past Sunday for a speeding ticket given to another driver, with his details.

A Bloemfontein resident, André Jacobs, was devastated when he was arrested this past Sunday after being stopped at a roadblock in Bloemfontein. Jacobs explained that when he arrived at the roadblock and made contact with the traffic officials, they told him that he had previously received a ticket which had not yet been paid for.

Jacobs told Bloemfontein Courant when he saw the ticket, he told the officers that the details on the ticket were his, however the registration number of his car differed from that on the ticket and the vehicle mentioned was a bakkie. He had never driven a vehicle of that description in his life. “I ended up getting locked up for an hour and in order to get released, I had to pay the fine of R1 100.

“I then went to the Chris de Wet building on Monday morning to see if someone there could find out what the situation was and who might be able to help me.”
On his arrival, according to him, he was given the runaround by the officials working there, as no one was sure how something like this could have happened. “I was eventually told that this was some kind of identity fraud.”

Jacobs told Bloemfontein Courant that as the matter stands at the moment, they have the name of the person to whom the vehicle belongs and they know that he is from Burgersdorp in the Eastern Cape.

“The matter is currently with the police’s fraud unit and they are busy with an investigation. I hope that they find out what really happened,” he concluded.

Bloemfontein Courant did request a response from the relevant authorities, but by the time of going to print, no response had been received. – Sazly Hartzenberg sazly@centralmediagroup.co.za