UFS students looking for support from neighbouring institutions

Photo: Mark Steenbok

A group by the name of the #FreeEducationMovement assembled about 150 University of the Free State students and went to Motheo TVET College as well as the Central University of Technology on Wednesday afternoon.

The group was looking to garner support for their #FeesMustFall march towards the African National Congress Provincial house on Thursday, despite the UFS SRC’s decision to call off protest action in an effort to prevent vandalism, violence and intimidation during their protests.

Riot police were on standby as the group sang and chanted at the entrance of the campus.
The Motheo SRC informed the #FreeEducationMovement that they will communicate with them on the account of joining forces tomorrow.

“What we came here to do comrades we’ve done. We’ve delivered our position. We told them what is our program for tomorrow. They’re saying they will communicate with their committee that was elected yesterday that is going to work hand in hand with us the progressive SRC members of UFS to take this struggle of ours forward,” said one of the student leaders as he addressed the group.

The UFS SRC pulled itself out of the protests and no current UFS SRC members were noticed amongst the group.



Moeketsi Mogotsi/Courant News