UFS student masters all her trades

Olebogang Tlhong was recently named as the new ambassador of Mimosa Mall. PHOTO: Gypseenia Lion

A Jill of all trades, Olebogeng Tlhong, has added more accolades to her list as she was recently crowned as the Brand Ambassador of Mimosa Mall and has featured in her first episode in one of the biggest local series known as The River.

Tlhong initially landed herself a spot on the show as an extra but three weeks later, she had managed to get featured in an episode.

“Initially I was brought out as an extra but then they sent me a script and I had to send them a recording so that I could be put on the database since I did not specifically fit the role that was being put out at the time. Three weeks later, I was given a role in an episode as a celebrity with free rein to improvise and I really learnt a lot from that experience,” says Tlhong.

In her final year of her LLB degree at the University of the Free State, the 22-year-old is driven by her passion in all her endeavours.

“I am very passionate about correcting injustices, hence I chose to study law. I want to branch off into family law and property law specifically. My passion for family law generally stems from having an absent father, the journey of watching my mother go through all she had to, pushed me to ensure that others have a sense of relief or have a voice so that they don’t face similar injustice. Where there are innocent lives involved, such as children, there needs to be a sense of fairness as stated by the equality law,” says Tlhong.

Not only is she balancing her studies, but Tlhong is running her own business, presenting, creating content on social media and much more.

“So Grey’s World is a company I started that consists of three compartments, which are an events company, clothing, accessories, and cosmetics. The clothing is catered for women and is delivered nationwide within 24/48 hours. With the events company, I offer a space where people can have innovative fun, such as the recent Halloween party I organised,” says Tlhong.

Having so much to do, she explains that juggling everything can be overwhelming. “It gets overwhelming sometimes, but I just remind myself of what’s important, I hold myself accountable and ensure that I schedule my days accordingly. I also have a manager so that I never miss anything I need to do,” continues Tlhong.

Eventually, Tlhong hopes to employ a few people so that her business can run without her being physically present.  “I want to be able to venture into many different aspects such as running my own private practice, having a media house and more,” says Tlhong.

By the end of the year, she will be registering her own non-profit organisation. “I was president of an outreach programme in high school, so I have always been passionate about giving back. By the end of the year, I hope to register my own NPO so that I can open a shelter,” concludes Tlhong.

Follow her on Instagram @Oceansgrey, on Twitter @_Oceansgrey and on Tik Tok @ Oceansgrey.

Bonolo Moloi