UFS registration resumes unhindered

Photo supplied by UFS
The registration process at the University of the Free State’s main campus in Bloemfontein has resumed on Monday and is continuing unhindered.

This after student leadership released a statement on Sunday evening, saying registration will not resume on Monday as planned until the institution meets their varied demands. Last week Friday, January 24, the university’s management suspended first-year registration – on the final day – following unrest by student parties.

The institution stressed the situation will normalise come Monday following engagements with student leadership. According to reports on the ground, the situation is peaceful.

In the statement, the SRC blasts the institution stating “the UFS is not ready to take student matters to heart”. The reported bones of contention between the parties include students with outstanding fees not being allowed to register, as well as news that NSFAS will not be funding unaccredited off-campus student housing.

OFM News spoke to owners of unaccredited off-campus student housing at length who explain from their perspective, that while each institution is guided by the higher education act on student housing, each institution, in essence, sets up its own requirements for accreditation. This is yet to be confirmed by the institution.