UFS’ Health and Wellness Expo a huge success

Carien Denner and Natasha Cronjé from the Department of Consumer Science and Sustainable Agriculture PHOTO: Heidre Malgas

The University of the Free State hosted its very first Health and Wellness Expo in the Callie Human Hall, where various companies and business were present promoting their businesses and what they have to offer in the Health and Wellness sector.

The Department of Consumer Science and Sustainable Agriculture also showed off what they do. With bright recycling bins displayed at their stall, Natasha Cronjé told Bloemfontein Courant that they want to start central recycling points all over campus because Bloemfontein does not have any and the municipality also does not sort the rubbish.

She further added they are starting to encourage students to start making eco bricks where you fill a 2 litre bottle with waste that does not decompose quickly. “In one eco-brick you can put in about 2 litres of rubbish into one bottle and you can add things like foil, bread plastics and many more. People then build houses with these bricks and also make furniture with it, so we are encouraging students to now do the same,” she said.

Cronjé further added that they are going to start working with CANSA where the kids will start collecting bottles and filling them to make eco-bricks. Many businesses were present  and this year’s event featured highlights such as Buti yoga, which combines jump training (plyometrics), tribal dancing and dynamic yoga asanas. This will be followed by fun, functional training with Ben Zwane, a fitness class suitable for all strength levels ranging from beginners to professional sports people. The very first two-day health and wellness expo will be held until 19:00 at Callie Human.

Heidre Malgas