UFS #FeesMustFall leadership happy with free bail

A number of students waiting for UFS 17 to be released at the magistrate's court in Bloemfontein On Tuesday 11 October 2016.

Free Education Movement (FEM) leader, Siyabulela Lufele, said he was happy with the free bail given to 17 #FeesMustFall students from the University of the Free State (UFS) who were arrested yesterday.

He also stated that he was pleased with the conditions of release as they do not prohibit the students from protesting.

The release took place at the Magistrate’s Court in Bloemfontein. Lufele adds, however, that 52 students were detained and only 17 were released. He said the remaining students need to be released as soon as possible.

He said the way forward on this will be discussed later today at the UFS, where other student movement leaders and students will be present. Lufele also added that the FEM will be planning a march with other student bodies.

He further added that the march will be a peaceful one to avoid incidences of police violence.

He states that the details of the march will be given after the assembly with student movement leaders later this evening.

Pulane Choane/CourantNews