Tyrone Mondi ballin’ in Detroit

Tyrone Mondi in action for Detroit City. Photo Credit: Jon DeBoer/DCFC

Detroit City Football Club’s (FC) Tyrone Mondi, who recently won the Most Valued Player (MVP) 2017 award, is back in Bloemfontein and looking forward to spending some time with family and friends after a long year of hard work and what some may describe as a really good year for him.
Mondi grew up in Heidedal, Bloemfontein, and is midfielder for Detroit City FC. This young man has had a tremendous year in the sports industry.
“We are working homewards (Ons werk huis toe),” were the words of Mondi, who has plans to help in the community of Heidedal, especially the youth and children of the community, in the future.

Tyrone Mondi

Detroit City FC recently posted a video on its Facebook page showing Mondi’s goals throughout the year. In an interview with Bloemfontein Courant Mondi said that his new adventure has opened his eyes to a lot of things. “It was a good year, I left home the 31st of December 2016 and got to the US the first of January. We started classes on the 3rd of January, which was though because I was in Ohio and I was the only South African there at that time. It was snowing, I had school, I wasn’t back home and I didn’t even have my birthday back home, so it was tough but also good. It was though in terms of the weather being cold, but school went really well, and in the summer I played from May till mid-July. I played for Detroit City for a while and we ended up winning the Mid-West Regional Championship. In August I changed schools and went to South Carolina to the University of Coastal Carolina. This was a new challenge for me but what really helped me was that there was a South African coach and another South African player there. It was a roller coaster ride because of having to get to know new people, living in a new environment, attending a new school and getting used to how they handle things. I regard these changes as positives to grow and build yourself,” Mondi said.