Two stolen Quantums allegedly at Lesotho police station


SABRINA DEAN – Two of the three Quantum vehicles stolen during an armed robbery at Glen Agricultural College have allegedly been impounded at a police station in Lesotho.

This is according to a crime awareness group in the Bloemfontein area, which states two Free State Government vehicles have been impounded at Morija police station in Lesotho after being brought across the border at Wepener.

Police spokesperson Thandi Mbambo says she cannot yet confirm whether this is true, or if it is the same vehicles stolen at Glen on Saturday, as this will need to be physically verified in Lesotho by SAPS personnel.

The three branded Quantums were stolen in an armed robbery in the early hours of Saturday morning. Mbambo says five armed suspects tied up two security guards. Three of the suspects then left with the three vehicles while another two remained with the security guards. They only released the guards several hours later.

Meanwhile police are also searching for seven suspects following an armed robbery at a business in Ferreira, Bloemfontein, in the early hours of this morning.

Mbambo says the suspects entered a car dealership in Dominee Kok street around 2am this morning and threatened the security guard. They fled with two new buses, engine parts and two laptops.

Mbambo says the two cases have not been linked and are presently being investigated separately.