Twisting, turning and spinning girl


Mark Steenbok

Spinning and drifting with your car in vacant spaces has steadily become a favourite pastime for various motor enthusiasts right here in Bloemfontein, including a 15-year-old girl from Eunice High School.

Crowds flock to makeshift pitches in and around the city to watch spinners raise massive clouds of smoke, quickly run down the tread on their wheels and hang out of the sides of their cars. Nowadays they have the privilege of seeing Bloemfontein’s new spinning sensation, Allison Fortuin, in action.

Fortuin is regularly seen at spinning and dragging events in her father’s BMW 325is, or Gushese, as it is more affectionately known. She told Courant that she is passionate about cars and thanks to her father, she is now an expert in the field of spinning.
"I saw my father teach a friend one day and I just felt I also want to do it. I decided to get involved as I always had a passion for cars," said Fortuin.

She has her own team called Team Ally-Team. Her father supports her fully and is very proud of her skills behind the wheel.
"It’s the only moment when I can just be myself and do what I want to do. I like making other people smile and I can do that through spinning," Fortuin explained.

What makes the feat even more remarkable is that she is a girl in a man’s world, but that doesn’t bother the Kimberley-born spinner one bit. "Well, I don’t get intimidated at all. It does not bother me. We all do it for the love of the game, so why fight and compete against each other?"

When asked if she is not scared, she confidently said she had not thought about it for one second. "I just focus on the positives and block out the negatives."

Fortuin can be seen at various events around Bloemfontein. When she is not on the spinning track, she loves dancing and playing hockey.

The sport called spinning had its origins in Soweto. Typically, the driver will perform a number of tight manoeuvres so that the car spins round, creating a cloud of smoke and dust. The driver casually steps out the car (while it’s spinning round driverless, engine revving, tyres screeching), jigs around it (as the vehicle continues to spin), leaps onto the bonnet (again while the car’s still spinning), on to the roof, lifts up the bonnet, balances on the window frame before re-entering via the door (or through the sunroof) to take control of the vehicle again.