Boy arrives at school on horseback, goes home with a new bike

Teachers and learners at Petunia Secondary were shocked when Katleho Olifant arrived at school on horse back.

On Wednesday morning Katleho Olifant decided to ride his horse to school so that he would be on time to write his test. This young boy would not let the fact that his school in Heidedal is about 10 km away from his home in Turflaagte, deter him from getting an education.

“We were busy with assembly, and usually some of the senior management team will stand at the gate to control the late coming and they will get learners names for detention. And here we saw Katleho on a horse, and we asked but what’s going on here. He said he didn’t want to be late as he was writing a test so he decided to take the horse,” said Petunia Secondary School Principal, Joslynn Fredericks.

Fredericks says they were worried about the animal’s rights and safety, so one of the HOD’s at the school gave Katleho R20, and told him to take the horse home and take a taxi back to school.

The Heidedal Local Drug Action Committee (HLDAC) was as the school that morning and witnessed Katleho struggling to find a parking space for his horse. Chairperson HLDAC Gregory Werner: “We were busy with a campaign at the school, called The Truth About Drugs, and as we finished up our program we saw this guy with a horse, and he looked concerned. He was actually looking for parking for the horse. He asked the teacher if he could just park the horse close to the school, where it could graze while he attended school,” he said laughingly.

He said Katleho’s dedication inspired them. “He kind of inspired us to help him. Firstly he was dedicated, he just wanted to be on time for his test. He also appeared to be an animal lover because he was thinking about the well-being of his horse and his friend,” he added.

The bicycle which HLDAC donated to Katleho as his resilience inspired them.

Katleho received a brand new mountain bike from the HLDAC, which he can now use to get to school every day.

Seithati Semenokane / Courant News