Tribute to her breadwinner comes out on top

Omolemo Rammile is the 2022 Sasol New Signatures runner-up. PHOTO: Supplied

A Bloemfontein multimedia artist and Central University of Technology, Free State, art student Omolemo Rammile achieved a second place in the 2022 Sasol New Signatures Art Competition.

With over 1000 entries in the competition, Rammile’s tribute to her single mother, titled – Mère Cèlibataire – meaning single mom, is a mixed medium artwork made from bread clips that are used to seal packaged, sliced bread.

“My mom usually collects bread clips. She always told me that ‘one day you’re going to use these bread clips for your artwork’. At the time, I didn’t agree with that until I had a project and then I thought about them [the bread clips],” says Rammile.
Omolemo Rammile celebrates her single mother with winning artwork. PHOTO: Supplied


She conceptualised the idea and linked her it to her mother being a breadwinner.
“She has always been a provider and a breadwinner for us so in this piece, I am just acknowledging the personal sacrifices that she has made for the family.”
Rammile continues to work on projects to keep the momentum going, with the hope to collaborate with local artists.
Being part of the winner’s circle of the national art competition, is more than just a personal achievement but one she hopes will inspire emerging artists.
“It still feels unreal… I hope it encourages other young artists in Bloem to see that they can also make it with their art,” says Rammile.
Some of Rammile’s work: 
Gypseenia Lion