Tribute to a president, a father, and a brother

Piet Kruger and fellow bikers at Van Der Bank’s memorial service last week Thursday. PHOTO: Gypseenia Lion

Marius van der Bank, the president of the Prowlers MC Chapter in Bloemfontein who graced the Bloemfontein Courant front page alongside the club’s Vice-President, Piet Kruger, has passed away on 11 August when he had a heart attack while riding his beloved bike.

“How do you say goodbye to your President, your mentor, your friend, and your brother? Well, you don’t!” said Kruger as he shared the tribute for the fallen biker.

Piet Kruger and Marius Van Der Bank on Bloemfontein Courant’s front page, 10 August

“He will live with us in our hearts and memories forever and always. We will be reminded of him every time we start our bikes, whenever we feel the fresh morning breeze through our helmet visor on our faces when we ride past a place where we once laughed at something funny that one of the guys had done or said. Boet, you will be with us forever and always and we will keep your legacy alive! Ride that golden highway, lean in the corners, and ‘gee gas’. See you on the other side!!”

Gypseenia Lion