Tremor rocks Bloemfontein community


Members of the Bloemfontein community have expressed their shock following a tremor that was felt from the suburbs of Olive Hill to the location of Hillside View. According to Storm Report’s Facebook page, Botswana was hit by a massive earthquake near Gope, a town 300km from Gaborone, around 19:40 on Monday night.

The earthquake was measured at 6.7 on the Richter Scale. Apart from Bloemfontein, other parts of the country that experienced the tremors, include Richard’s Bay in KwaZulu-Natal, Griekwastad in the Northern Cape, and Mpumalanga. This is what members of the Bloemfontein community had to say about their experience with the tremor:

Lani Fouchè – “I was putting my son to bed and while I was lying down with him in his room, I felt the bed shaking. I also heard a rattling noise coming from the cupboards. I wondered if the cat could perhaps be under the bed, but could see nothing. I must admit, I felt scared. When I later on logged onto Facebook, I saw the comments on the tremor.” (Langenhoven Park – Bloemfontein)

 Sibongile Ndlangisa – “I was going through some of my study guides when I felt my bed shaking. I knew something was wrong. It lasted for a short while, and then      everything was fine again.” (Hillside View – Bloemfontein)

Louis Lubbe – “The earthquake happened yesterday evening at about twenty to eight and the second one was like five minutes later, at around a quarter to eight. I was in Brandfort at the time. The first one lasted for about 15 to 20 seconds. I saw my fish tank making small waves inside the tank as the earth was shaking. I wasn’t scared but my small daughter started crying as she didn’t know what was happening.” (Brandfort – Bloemfontein)

Nomvelo Gumede – “ I was sitting on my bed with my roommate. I had my earphones on and suddenly I felt the bed shaking, as well as my legs. I shot up and checked under the bed to see if there was an animal or something underneath it. Then, about two minutes later, I logged on to Twitter and I saw everyone commenting on the tremor. Some were making jokes about it. Then I realized it wasn’t that bad, but I was pretty scared when it happened, though.” (Universitas ؘ– Bloemfontein)

David Ntshiwa – “I am not sure exactly what time it happened, but it was at night and I was in my car at the time. I felt my car shake a bit and my initial thought was that someone was trying to move my car. I thought to myself ‘someone is trying to push me from behind while I’m in the car’ and then, a few seconds later, I heard my gate rattle and I was convinced that someone was in the yard though I could not see anyone. It all lasted for a few seconds, but I was so confused. I did not even think of it as an earthquake when it happened. “

Here are some of the comments we managed to catch on social media:

Share with us what you experienced if you also felt the tremor last night.