Treasures in prayer

From the right: Anli Starke, Liza Conradi and Aoa Taylor

Three women from Bloemfontein have taken it upon themselves to create a prayer journal to encourage women.

According to the creators of the journal, Anli Starke, Liza Conradi and Aoa Taylor, it is a tool to seek God’s will, to praise Him for answered prayers and to reflect upon that which He shares with us.

Every prayer recorded in this journal should realign our focus on Him and bring us closer to Him and the spiritual treasures He promises in His Word. As women with husbands, children, family members and friends, we are experiencing daily challenges and we have again realised the importance of praying for our loved ones and committing them to God. Treasures in Prayer is a prayer journal designed by women, for women,” Taylor said.

The journal is divided into different sections where one can write about dreams, prayers for family, friends, health, notes for Bible study and sermons. It even boasts pages for the creative who loves to colour in or doodle.

Ultimately, the desire of our heart is for women to fellowship with God and to enjoy studying His Word,” the trio concluded.

For more information or to place an order, you can visit their Facebook page, or contact Anli on 082 823 8399.

Justine Fortuin