Trans-50 Retirement Village ready to celebrate

Care practitioners at Trans-50 Retirement Village are from the left, back Selina Molifi, Meriam Mokhutle and Ellen Madito, with Castalina Gans and Lizzy Sebitso sitting in front. PHOTO: PIERCE VAN HEERDEN

The Trans-50 Retirement Village in Fichardt Park is preparing for a graduation ceremony where it will be celebrating its graduates’ success. Last year July, eight care practitioners were chosen by its head office to enroll for the Institutionally-based Training and they have now all successfully completed the course.

One of the care practitioners, Ellen Madito, told Bloemfontein Courant that they were excited about their graduation. “It was a very amazing experience for us, even though we were afraid at the beginning. We felt that studying is only for young people, but as time went on, we started enjoying the classes and the work. The course was difficult and it required constant hard work from all of us.”

The practitioners agreed and said that if it had not been for them helping each other, they would not have been able to get through the course.

Another practitioner, Selina Molofi, said they are overjoyed because most of them had never had the opportunity to study and graduate but now they will finally be showing their families they have what it takes and hopefully they will inspire them to also want to be successful. “We are also happy because we are making our centre proud.’’

Lifestyle consultant, Magrita de Wet, said that these ladies were chosen to take part in the course because of their work performance and their good hearts. “They have a passion for what they do and that shows in their work. The next group has already started with the 14-month long course, but they need to know that the group who has just finished, has set the bar extremely high.’’

The eight graduates are Castalina Gans, Lizzy Sebitso, Martha Shuping, Nompi Molosi, Selina Molofi, Miiriam Mokhutle, Ellen Madito and Judy Silikansie – these ladies received the highest marks of all the people who were enrolled for the course. – Sazly Hartzenberg