Tourism industry in FS showcased at roadshow


A roadshow promoting tourism was held at the President Hotel in Bloemfontein on 16 July. With tourism becoming more popular than it used to be, this initiative gave tourists a broader spectrum on when and where to visit in South Africa and which sites to look up on for the best accommodation and transport.

A number of businesses attended and promoted their businesses at the Tourism Industry Roadshow. These businesses and companies have many new apps and travel advice, which is convenient for local tourists and tourists travelling from abroad and who wish to visit tourist attraction sites in South Africa.

One of the companies was Jurni, introducing its app tourists can use to book accommodation from all over South Africa. Tshepo Matlou, Marketing and Communications Head of Jurni, said the app also has a panic button installed if the tourist does not feel safe at the accommodation he or she has booked. This panic button will lead the police straight to your location.

Another initiative was that of the National Accommodation Association, which is a network of guesthouses and various accommodation options across South Africa that make it possible for anyone in South Africa to have full access to quality accommodation. The Accommodation Association of South Africa is not well-known in the Free State and attended the roadshow to introduce its services and make people aware of what it has to offer.

The roadshow has given tourism businesses an opportunity to showcase their services and products – from businesses offering travel services, to businesses offering affordable accommodation. The presentations were constructive and gave tourists and business owners more options and new ideas on how to manage and improve their businesses. The aim of this initiative is to place the Free State on the map, with accommodation apps and tourist attraction sites, making it a province to be visited more often.

Heidre Malgas