Total face-lift for the Hoffman Monumental Square



Mangaung Metropolitan Municipality spokesperson Qondile Khedama says the R38 million redevelopment project at the Bloemfontein Hoffman Square will give the monumental area a total face-lift.

He says the massive construction started on Wednesday and will be completed after eight months. Khedama says the project is part of the regeneration programme that is aimed towards enhancing local economic growth and creating a safe environment. He says the project was supposed to be implemented during the 2010 Soccer World Cup but there was insufficient funding.

“The message we want to send to members of the community and for people who are using the premises is that the area is going to be closed. We would appreciate the support from the community and businesses. We will ensure that Mangaung becomes an attractive, clean and healthy environment,” he says.

Khedama says the Metro Mayor Thabo Manyoni wants to establish open areas that are pedestrian friendly. Some of the developments at the Hoffman Square will be paving between the Post Office and Reserve Bank, new bus shelters and restoration of palm and indigenous trees.