Top 3 tips on how to plan a last-minute international getaway

traveler planning trip on wooden background and copy space, Travel concept

While travelling overseas typically requires a fair bit of time spent on booking flights, planning an itinerary, and getting all the required travel documents in order, sometimes life calls for a spontaneous adventure.

According to Sadudee Sangnil, Director of the Tourism Authority of Thailand for UK, Ireland and South Africa, with 2023 drawing to a close and the December holidays fast approaching, many South Africans may be considering treating themselves to a last-minute escape.

“The three most essential factors to consider when planning a last-minute trip are accessibility, flexibility, and affordability. Ahead of the end-of-year rush, she has some practical tips for travellers on how to make the most of a spontaneous travel experience,” said Sangnil.

Here are his top three tips:

1.Be spontaneous. But keep it seamless.

As Sangnil explains, the first most important aspect to consider relates to ease of access to the country you have in mind, and any administrative issues that may need to be tackled before going ahead with formal planning. This is because some of the most common bugbears that stand in the way of a seamless travel experience involves regulations and requirements such as visas.

“It’s easy to understand why visa-free destinations are therefore the holy grail of last-minute holidays. The good news is that South African citizens are allowed to stay in Thailand for up to 30 days if entering the country via an international airport. Before making any bookings, however, travellers need to check that their current passport is valid for at least 6 months following their intended departure date. They should also have proof of their ability to cover their living expenses for the duration of their stay in Thailand.”

2. Flexible and budget-friendly

Booking flights and accommodation as far ahead as possible is highly recommended, but when you don’t have the luxury of time, there are a few simple hacks that could help you save on some spontaneous time off.

Sangnil recommends being as flexible as possible around the dates of departure and arrival.

“Flight bookings made on the weekend typically cost far more than trips booked on weekdays. Furthermore, making a booking for a flight that leaves during off-peak hours can also shave a few rands off your flight booking.”

3. How to keep your adventure affordable

Short-notice getaways can prove expensive, especially when it comes to planning an itinerary. Some of these can be easily found on travel websites as well as platforms tailored for South African travellers such as Fan Club Thailand to experience the best each country has to offer.

“There are several tour operators in South Africa who have explored the country extensively and can offer packaged travel experiences that capture all the best sights and sounds, while keeping the individual costs from adding up. Opting for tour packages that can tick a few of these boxes at once, could save you quite a bit on your activity budget, so you can have the most memorable experience while managing the cost.”

Compiled by Justine Fortuin