Toll fee increases across South Africa on the cards

Photo: Twitter/@N3TC

The department of transport has announced toll fee increases for most major routes in South Africa, reports Polokwane Review.

Toll routes to be affected include the N1, N3, N4, N12, N17 and the R21.

Thousands of motorists make use of the N1 between Polokwane and Pretoria on a daily basis, moving through the four main toll gates: Nyl, Kranskop, Carousel and Pumlani.

The new tariffs for class one vehicles are as follows:

Toll increases for Class 1 vehicles. Infographic: Bennitt Bartl

A round trip for classes two, three and four are as follows:

CLASS 2: R402
CLASS 3: R484
CLASS 4: R595
– Stormvoël off-ramp – Class 1: R9.50, Class 2: R23.00, Class 3: R27.00, and Class 4: R32.00.

– Zambesi off-ramp – Class 1: R11.00, Class 2: R28.00, Class 3: R32.00, and Class 4: R39.00.

– Pumulani mainline – Class 1: R12.00, Class 2: R30.00, Class 3: R35.00, and Class 4: R42.00.

– Wallmansthal ramp – Class 1: R5.60, Class 2: R14.00, Class 3: R16.50, and Class 4: R19.50.

– Hammanskraal ramp – Class 1: R26.00, Class 2: R89.00, Class 3: R96.00, and Class 4: R111.00.

– Carousel mainline – Class 1: R56.00, Class 2: R150.00, Class 3: R165.00, and Class 4: R191.00.

– Maubane ramp – Class 1: R24.00, Class: 2 R65.00, Class 3: R72.00, and Class 4: R83.00.

Class 1 refers to light vehicles, Class 2 includes medium-heavy vehicles with two axles, Class 3 is large heavy vehicles with three or four axles, and Class 4 vehicles are extra heavy vehicles with five or more axles, explains Centurion Rekord.

The new toll tariffs, amounting to just under 5%, will come into operation on March 1.

Raeesa Kimmie & Bennitt Bartl / The Citizen