Tokkelossieman transformed into a friendly neighbourhood clown



Bloemfontein’s own Tokkelossieman yesterday created a buzz on social networks after a few passersby cringed when they saw the bloody mannequin hanging from a tree in front of a house in Haldon Road. Poor Tokkelossieman got such a fright after all the attention, that he decided it was time for a friendly make-over. His owner Johann Prinsloo says he decided to cheer up the poor fellow by transforming him from a bloody victim, hanging by his neck, to a friendly clown swinging in the tree. "The decision to give the mannequin a makeover was because everyday life is full of good and bad, ugly and beautiful."

Prinsloo adds that the decision came not because of any pressure but it portrays real life. "Face reality and you decide if you love it or hate it."

He hopes that the friendly neighbourhood clown will still create awareness of crime in the area.