Together on the road of life

Piet Kruger and Marius van der Bank shared a story about bikes, family and love for the road. PHOTO: Gypseenia Lion

Love, loyalty, honour, and respect. That is the law that continues to uphold family values, support, and love for bikes for the Prowlers MC Chapter in Bloemfontein. By standing firm by this law members of the local club that started in Bloemfontein in the late 90s allow for a strong culture of benevolence and peace to thrive within the club.

Family first. This is a very important aspect of the Prowlers, one that the president, Marius van der Bank, spoke about with the utmost joy.

Giving back to the community in any way possible is an integral part of what the club hopes to achieve. PHOTO: Supplied

He explained that if a father joins the club, he can ride with his family to rallies and runs that the club might host. “That is the main thing that distinguishes us from other clubs. If anyone has a matter to attend to that involves their family, they do not have to explain to the club.”

This is a value that overlaps with the work the club does for the community. Vice-President Piet Kruger added that without support, the club members will not be able to stretch their hands to help those who are in need. By supporting other clubs in the local motorcycle fraternity, the Prowlers can support charities, individuals, or organisations in need of help.

“We all have a passion to ride motorcycles and to enjoy the great outdoors and lovely scenery that our beautiful country provides. And if we can uplift the community at the same time, it makes it even more special. On the open road, bikers are more vulnerable to the elements of nature than members in vehicles. If we get a flat tyre we rely on other biker members to assist and that is what gives one the sense of brotherhood and ‘belonging’ that a club gives you.”

By highlighting that each ride has a story to tell, Van der Bank added that supporting charity events by other clubs is just as important as hosting one. “If you don’t support other clubs they will not support you! So riding and supporting other clubs build on our success with our events and we ride as far as Upington, Vaaldam, and Cradock.”

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The Prowlers MC South Africa was founded in 1994 and today has three chapters. One in the East Rand, Free State, and Ladybrand.

With so much history and culture embedded in the local club, which has been in existence for over 25 years, giving back to the community still brings joy to both new and old members of the club. The club currently has 13 members in Bloemfontein who are active key members. “We in Bloem are very blessed with a very active biking community with some or other biking community outreach project almost every weekend,” the bikers said. In the last two years, the club had successfully hosted charity drives to call for change in the City of Roses – from food parcels to clothing drives, and beautifying a play area at a local children’s home. This year, they plan to do something bigger – a revamp of a children’s home and orphanage.

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“The aged and children are very important to the Prowlers, which is why we are involved with the Reddersburg Children’s Home as well as the Reddersburg Old Age Home. We strive to provide these children, who do not have a stable family environment, with the means to still enjoy what it is to be a child. The same goes for the Old Age Home. These senior citizens are in the twilight of their lives and it is necessary to make their final days as comfortable as possible. We must remember all of these people were once the pillars of the community and parts of families,” explained Van der Bank.

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The children will be treated with the love, loyalty, honesty, and respect they deserve, Kruger added. To lend a helping hand, local bikers and non-bikers are welcome to join the Prowlers at Strys en Ys (Be Human – Middelwater Farm Hotel) on 9 September 2023.

A donation of R100 is requested and for R120 donors get a badge as well. Any other contributions or donations are welcome. “You do something you love and if you can make a difference in people’s lives whilst doing what you love, it makes it so much more special. It gives us a sense of existence for a positive cause. In life, we all need a purpose and if each of us just tries to make a positive difference in someone else’s life, you will experience a positive difference in your own life. When we started to do charity in 2022, we hoped only to paint the playground. However, by the grace of GOD, we achieved a lot and to see these miracles is great.

Every year we strive to do better and bigger. The support from our families by giving ideas, working with us, and supporting us is a great help.”

Contact Van der Bank at 082- 493-2776 or Kruger at 084-700- 6246 for more information.

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