Today in History: May 13th


Top ten events that made headlines in the last decade

2014 A shipwreck off of Haiti may be that of the Santa Maria, one of the three ships led by Christopher Columbus; the wreck was discovered about 10 years ago, but has only now been tentatively identified in light of Columbus’ writings and other evidence

2014 Frustrated with the lack of progress in resolving the Syrian conflict, Lakhdar Brahimi resigns from his post as United Nations mediator

2013 In Belize, a construction company requiring road fill gravel destroys a 2,300 year-old Mayan pyramid

2013 U.S. veteran newscaster Barbara Walters announces plans for retirement in 2014

2012 In China, violent rainfalls and flooding in the Hunan Province destroy a bridge and 3,500 homes, causing Pinhjiang County to evacuate 28,000 people

Scientists believe a link exists between the disappearance of endangered languages and cultures and a loss of biodiversity

Pope Benedict XVI announces Roman Catholic bishops must obey a papal order allowing priests to say the old-style Tridentine Mass

In Egypt, authorities extend the detention of former President Hosni Mubarak for another 15 days

2010 Pope Benedict XVI celebrates open-air Mass at Fatima, Portugal with over 500,000 pilgrims attending from 35 nations including Vietnam, China and India

Star Trek: Enterprise broadcasts it’s final show in the U.S.