Today in History: June 19th


Some of the historical events that took place on June 19th, that made headlines in the last five years:

2014 The U.S. Patent and Trademark office has canceled trademarks of the Washington Redskins, ruling that the name and trademarks are ‘offensive to Native Americans’; the team has been under pressure for years to change its name

2014 Prince Felipe of Spain is coronated as King Felipe VI, following his father’s abdication over two weeks ago; the simple ceremony sought to avoid displays of extravagance in a nation suffering high unemployment and growing disinterest in the monarchy

2013 Microsoft takes negative feedback into account, and announces plans to change many features of its Xbox One

2012 While Greece struggles to overcome its economic crisis, Antonis Samaras, leader of Greece’s New Democratic party, negotiates with political rivals to form a coalition government

2012 In the Najran Province of Saudi Arabia, a man is beheaded on charges of sorcery and witchcraft

2011 The 2011 Paris Air Show features the international debut of the new Boeing 747-8

2011 For the third straight week, hundreds of Vietnamese citizens protest outside China’s embassy in Hanoi against disputed areas in the South China Sea

2010 Rival clashes between nomadic groups in the Darfur region of Sudan kills at least 48 people