Today in History: April 5th


Historical Events:

• 1652: Table Mountain is sighted at 2.30 p.m. by a crewmember of the Drommedaris, the ship on which Jan van Riebeeck and his company were travelling.
• 1660: Jan van Riebeeck urged by the Vryburgers (Free Burghers), starts peace negotiations with the Kaapmans (Khoi-Khoi group).
• 1907: Hester Elizabeth Cornelius, national organiser and branch secretary of the Garment Workers’ Union, is born in Lichtenburg, Transvaal.
• 1916: Ashby Peter Solomzi (A.P.) Mda, teacher, lawyer, co-founder of the African National Youth League and later the Pan Africanist Congress, is born in Herschel, Eastern Cape.
• 1942: Eighty-six South Africans survive a Japanese attack on the HMS Cornwall near the coast of Ceylon (now Sri Lanka).
• 1961: United Kingdom Government announces for the first time support for a UN General Assembly resolution against apartheid.
• 1986: Lucky Kutumela (25), journalist and member of AZAPO/MWASA, is found dead in a police cell in Mahwelereng, Lebowa, with more than forty sjambok weals.
• 1999: Judge Rudolf Erasmus, member of nine commissions of the SA government, dies in Bloemfontein.

Arts, Music, TV:

• 1941: Pieter Hugo Naude (72), SA landscape and portrait painter, dies in Worcester.
• 1960: The publications Torch and New Age arebanned.
• The 2009 Manchester International Festival attracted over 230,000 visitors, operating at 89% capacity.


• 1896: Start of the first modern Olympic Games in Athens.
• 1938: Kenneth Colin Bland, cricket player who played for South Africa in 21 test matches (1961-1967), is born in Bulawayo, Southern Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe).
• 1958: Johan Kriek, SA tennis player and winner of the US Indoor 1982, is born.

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Compiled by: Thandi Xaba