Today in History: April 19th


These are some of the historical events that happened on April 19th around the world.

In 2001 South Africa Aids Drugs Profit Before the Lives of Millions 2001:

The world’s biggest pharmaceutical companies bring legal action to fight legislation which would allow generic versions of their patented drugs being made in or imported to South Africa. Following uproar around the world and the pharmaceutical industry accused of putting profit before the lives of millions of people in the developing world, they have backed out of the court battle over cheap, non-branded anti-Aids drugs and also after dropping the case, agree to sell Aids drugs at cost price in developing countries – a discount of up to 90%.

In 2010 United States American is charged with funding terrorist activities 2010:

An American businessman has been sentenced to ten years in prison for trying to send money to an Afghan militant training camp. Abdul Alishtari had admitted charges of financing terrorism at an earlier hearing in New York. A United States District Judge has said that he was facilitating the transfer of $152,500, believing that it would be used in Afghanistan and Pakistan to train terrorists, and understood that these funds would be used to purchase equipment needed at a terrorist training camp. The man with whom he was working to transfer the money was actually an undercover law enforcement officer.

In 1928 China Civil war 1928 spread wide:

The combined nationalist Northern Armies under Chiang continue drive onto Peking as part of the Civil war continuing in China.

In 1936 German Military 193

In the biggest show of military strength since World War 1 Germany pays homage to Hitler with a show of 300 tanks.
In 1969 U.S.A. Students Occupy Willard Straight Hall 19th April 1969:
Militant black students at Cornell Univ. use force to take over Willard Straight Hall demanding a black studies program, after a deal was reached with the administration the news showed students leaving the hall carrying rifles although they were never used.

In 2013 the World’s Oldest Man Celebrated 116th Birthday

19th April, 2013 : The world’s oldest man Jiroemon Kimura, from Japan, celebrated his 116th birthday. Kimura was believed to be the last living person to have lived across three different centuries.