Today in History: 23 December


2014  Sony Pictures will release its controversial comedy, 'The Interview', about an attempted assassination of North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un; the film was cancelled after hacking attacks and threats, but Sony now seeks a wide audience for the movie

2014  The Dow Jones Industrial Average sets a record at 18,024.17; the Dow has taken less than six months to climb from a value of 17,000 points

2013  Mikhail Kalashnikov, the designer of the AK-47 assault rifle bearing his name, dies at his home in the city of Izhevsk at the age of 94


2012  Volcanic activity alerts are issued in Chile and Argentina, in areas near the Copahue volcano, after it started to spew ash

2012  The launch of a space satellite into space by North Korea is disputed by South Korean defense ministry, who claim it was a disguised test of a 10,000km range missile

2011  The Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip, enters the hospital to treat a blocked coronary artery

2011  North Korea states it will accept all South Korean delegations who wish to pay their respects to the late leader Kim Jong-il

2010  A male Algerian is fined by a court in Nice for insulting the French national flag; this was the first such penalty ever to be administered

2002  Tatamkhulu Afrika ,South African poet, writer and struggle activist dies 


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Compiled by Lerato Sebe