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Here are some of the events that took place on this day, within the South African history.

 On this day in 2007, South African Actor, Henry Cele, dies

Henry “Black Cat” Cele was a revered actor, most famous for his chilling portrayal of the Zulu King, Shaka in the 1985 mini-series, Shaka Zulu.

Cele landed the role after he portrayed the same character in a stage production. The iconic role garnered him international acclaim and the series would prove to be one of the most iconic television series. After Shaka Zulu, Cele landed minor roles in a few international films and starred in a number of local productions.

Renowned actor Henry Cele/
Renowned actor Henry Cele/

Cele was born on 2 January 1949 in Durban. He was a professional soccer player before he ventured into acting. He had four children with his first wife, whom he later divorced and married Jennifer Hollander. In 2007, Cele was admitted to ICU with a chest infection at St. Augustine Hospital in Durban. He died on 2 November 2007