Today, 37 years ago, Dr Connie Mulder acquitted and discharged on charges of contempt

Dr Connie Mulder. Photo: Victor Lusinchi

After serving ten years as a member of the National Party (NP), Dr Connie Mulder was pipped to be South African Prime Minister, B.J. Vorster’s, successor.

This was before he was involved in the Information Scandal (also dubbed Muldergate) while he was South Africa’s Minister of Information in 1977.

It was revealed that Mulder alongside Vorster, had planned to sell the apartheid policy to the world using state resources.

The plan included trying to acquire a stake in the Washington Star newspaper and an English newspaper, The Citizen, was established on the basis of leaning towards being supportive towards the apartheid campaign.

He was acquitted of being in contempt by the Supreme Court in Pretoria on 30 August 1979 but his political career had taken a nosedive after the scandal and he could never recover.

Source: South African History Online

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