Today, 29 years ago, the Afrikaans Protestant Church, was formed

Photo: Mark Steenbok

Horrified by apparent infiltration of the Dutch Reformed Church (DRC) by non-whites, right-wingers formed their own Church for white Afrikaners only. This followed a meeting of around 2500 Dutch Reformed Church members which took place towards the end of 1986 in Pretoria, where a resolution to appoint a committee to look into the possibility of founding a new church was taken.

That decision culminated in the formation of a new church known as Afrikaans Protestant Church, a church for white Afrikaners only.

Apart from the major fear of the DRC`s changed perspective on the unity and diversity of the church, other concerns that led to the formation of the Afrikaans Protestant Church included the continuing influence of Methodism in the DRC and the method of translation used for the 1983 translation of the Bible into Afrikaans.

The Afrikaans Protestant Church comprised of 19 Ministers and more than 5 000 members.