To believe or not to believe


Brenda Myburgh

I stand amazed at how easy it is for the enemy to let us believe a lie. For some reason we think that if we did certain things we know are not acceptable to God, we are not worthy of His grace. The feeling of being doomed is what causes us to fear what will happen to us, and then we tend to hold onto our "earthly" securities to try and help us cope.
In John 3 v 18 it is very clear that there is only one way to live without fear. "He who believes in Him is not judged…" (Amp) No matter how many good works we do there is only one way to live without fear. Believe that God saved you through His Son Jesus. We are unable to save ourselves. If we believe in the saving grace that came to us through Jesus, we never have to fear the judgment that lies ahead for ALL people. John 3 v 18 specifies that "… he who does not believe is judged already because he has not believed in and trusted in the name of the only begotten Son of God." At the end of the day it is our choice to believe or not to believe.