#ThrowbackThursday: Which Chappies bubblegum was your favourite?

South Africa's most loved bubblegum brand came in flavours Spearmint, Grape, Watermelon, Bubblegum and Banana. Which one was your favourite? Credit: Goodhousekeeping

For today’s #ThrowbackThursday feature, we will focus on the bubblegum that was a part of the childhood of many South Africans – you’ve guessed it right, Chappies Bubblegum!

Chappies was created by Arthur Ginsburg while working for Chapelat Sweets, a Johannesburg based confectionery manufacturer, as a competitor for the well-established Wicks bubblegum.

Chappies were first introduced to South Africa in the late 1940s and were sold at 1c for two pieces.

As the product and brand grew, the gum became incredibly popular among consumers because of its “Did you know” trivia on the inside of the wrappers. The same way “Colgate” is now synonymous with toothpaste, is the same way that Chappies became synonymous with the word “bubblegum”.

Credit: Thorin’s Think Space

By the late 1970s the brand had spread to Zambia, the Congo area, and Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe), and held a local market share of 90%. It was at this time that Ginsburg and his partners decided to sell the brand to Cadbury, which still owns the brand today.

In early 2008 the marketing firm “Berge Farrel” was contracted by Cadbury to rejuvenate the now almost 50-year-old Chappies identity. Their changes included redesigned packaging as well as an updated yet still recognizable mascot, the Chappies Chipmunk.

The new look Chappies with the same great lasting taste South Africans loved. Credit: Makro

In 2012 Chappies gave fans the chance to submit their own “Did You Know?” facts for inclusion in their famous Chappies wrappers which resulted in over 50 000 submissions entered through various digital channels.

After a validation process, 170 facts were selected to be printed on millions of wrappers. Chappies also launched an Edible Street Art Campaign that represented six user-submitted facts and was each created out of thousands of real Chappies pieces. The largest of the six murals took 177 681 pieces of Chappies to create and 15 hours to complete.

Information is taken from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chappies

Compiled by Pulane Choane for Bloemfontein Courant- pulane@centralmediagroup.co.za